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Significant Events

Significant milestones in the history of Barbados Volleyball Association

Trevor Griffith was elected the first president of the BVA. Deacons became the first league champions. A Guyanese men's and a St. Lucian men's team toured Barbados.

Twenty-four (24) teams entered the League. Nazih Elias and Presteen Sobers attended a Norceca referee course in Santo Domingo. Ms. Sobers also attended a course in Mexico to pave the way for the development of the Schools League.

Phillip Sattaur and Peter Went attended a volleyball course in Trinidad & Tobago. A Canadian, Mr. L. Kich brought in fifty (50) rules books and he conducted a clinic in Barbados.

The Barbados men's team toured Guyana, finished fourth and was voted the most improved team there. Deacons won division one, BUT won division two and Royals won division three. Peter Went attended a coaching course in Mexico. Maxwell became the first all-female team to play in the league and they competed in division three. The Trinidad & Tobago women's team Sonics toured Barbados. The St. Lucia's men's team also visited the island. Our men were beaten 3-0 on a trip to Trinidad & Tobago.

Thirty-eight (38) teams entered the league with there being the creation of a women's division for the first time. Eleven women's teams took part with Maxwell winning the first title.

Women teams took part in the Super League for the first time.

Barbados men tour Trinidad & Tobago. Deacon's wn the women's league title for the first time.

Barbados men tour the United States. Floodlights are installed at the Deacons Hardcourt.

Barbados men tour Guyana and play against Guyana and St. Lucia.

Division One games move away from Deacons and are staged exclusively at the Netball Stadium. The local Association begins using antennae on the net system.

Martin St. Mark assumes the Presidency of the BVA. An FIVB Level 1 Coaches Course is conducted in Barbados with 20 local coaches and one overseas coach receiving certificates.

Arlene Marshall becomes the first local player to gain a USA volleyball scholarship by being accepted by New Haven.

Barbados becomes affiliated to FIVB and Norceca. Barbados win a quadrangular home tournament involving St. Lucia, Guadeloupe and Martinique which proved to be the precursor of the Caribbean Volleyball Championships.

President, Martin St. Mark and Andrew Hoyte represent Barbados at the country's first Norceca Congress in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Barbados men attend their first CAC Games in Guadalajara, Mexico. Barbados lone victory a straight sets win over Jamaica saw our men placing ninth.

Martin St. Mark becomes the BVA President for a record fourth term.

Kenmore Bynoe assumes the Presidency. A men's division four is created as well as a women's division two. Barbados attends the second Caribbean Volleyball Championships in Jamaica winning the men's title and placing second in the women's competition. Captain, John Stuart wins the MVP title.

Barbados wins both the men and women's CVC titles in Trinidad & Tobago. Sherry-Ann Bowen wins the women's MVP title. Jane Grant and Shirley Hoyte gain a US volleyball Scholarship to the University of New Haven.

Barbados repeats as double crown champions of the CVC in Nassau, the Bahamas. Sherry-Ann Bowen repeated as MVP and Ivor Lashley claims the men's MVP. Sherry-ann Bowen gains a scholarship to the California University of Pennsylvania.

Barbados men win the CVC for the fourth time in succession in front of a packed Wildey Gymnasium. Volleyball was broadcast live on local television as well as on both am radio stations. The women took the second spot in spite of Anthazia Yearwood clinching the MVP title.

John Griffith assumes the Presidency. Barbados men win the CVC for the fifth time in St. Croix. The women placed their lowest, third. Ivor Lashley win the MVP title. President Griffith attends the FIVB World Congress in Atlanta.

Carmichael Watson takes over coach of the men's team after Peter Went resigns to live in the US. The inaugural Junior CVC is staged in Barbados with our boys taking the gold and our girls taking the silver.

Renier Grace takes the MVP title. Barbados men's team attends the Norceca Championships in Puerto Rico and became the first English-speaking Caribbean team to win a match by defeating the Dominican Republic. Barbados placed sixth overall and Elwyn Oxley was rated among the top ten in Norceca.

Barbados men receive a world rating of 36. Barbados men play in a World Championship Qualifier in Cuba and Barbados Women play in a similar Qualifier in Texas. Barbados women place fourth behind the United States, Mexico and Costa Rica while our men place fourth behind Puerto Rico, Cuba and Canada.

Barbados men win their seventh CVC title and the women win their third in Martinique. Elwyn Oxley and Anthazia Yearwood are the men's and women's MVPs. Valmay Stapleton and George Skeete are chosen as Best Setters.

Barbados men attend their second CAC Games in Cabimas, Venezuela, ending ninth.

Barbados attend the Pan American Games in Winnepeg, Canada where the Bajan men played impressively against Cuba and Brazil. Barbados take part in the Junior CVC in Jamaica with bothe the boys and girls winning silver. Captain of the boys' team Fabian Cox scored a record 168 kills to win the Best Spiker award. Manuel MCClean won the Best Setter and Kristanella Allain won the Best Blocker. Melissa Brandford, Janelle Chase an Shennell Beckles gain US volleyball Scholarships.

Barbados satge another successful CVC with the men and ladies repeating as champions. Captain Elwyn Oxley and Anthazia Yearwood retained their MVP Titles. Veteran Andy Jordan takes the Best Blocker award, Shirley Hoyte Boyce Best Defensive and Tarah Headley Best Setter.

Sherry Yearwood becomes the first femal to officiate at CVC. Kristanella Allain, Juan Bovell and Talya Beckles all members of the Junior Programme gain scholarship in the US. Barbados men are invited to take part in a quadrangular tournament in Martinique involving St. Lucia, Cuba and the host. Barbados placed second behind Cuba.

Both junior teams enter Division One to prepare for the CVC in Suriname. However a lack of funds saw Barbados failing to take part in the tournament.

Barbados host NORCECA men in September to become the first English speaking Caribbean country to stage the competition. Barbados men competed at the World Championships Qualifiers in Canada while the ladies played in the Dominican Republic. President John Griffith assumes the position of Treasurer of NORCECA while Andrew Hoyte becomes a member of the Sports Organising Committee.

Barbados girls take part in the Junior NORCECA tournament in Puerto Rico. Barbados men and women win CVC in Trinidad & Tobago with 16 year old Shari Matthews, captain of the Junior team winning the MVP Award. Renier Grace claimed the men's MVP while Paul Nicholls and veteran Angelina Smith are voted Best Liberos. Barbados men and women for the first time attend the CAC Games in San Salvador. The women placed eighth while the men ended sixth following wins over Columbia and the host, El Salvador. Barbados attend the FIVB World Congress in Argentina and President John Griffith becomes one of FIVB's Internal Auditors.

Barbados attend the Junior CVC in MArtinique with the boys placing sixth and the girls placing third. Fabia Greaves wins the Best Blocker Award. Afyia Taylor, Renee Clarke, Anicia Wood, Aurea Griffith and Samantha Joseph gain US scholarships. Barbados men take part in the Pan American Games in Santo Domningo.

Erdiston Rockets win the ladies division one title for the first time and their third local title in a 20 year history.

Deacons men win the League for the 15th time and the Knockout crown for the 11th time.

The late withdrawal of Aruba saw Barbados saw Barbados assuming the role as host of CVC. Barbados men won for the ninth time in succession while the women for the sixth time. Shari Matthews repeat as MVP and Angelina Smith as Best Libero. Sharon Bovell won the Best Passer Award and Elwyn Oxley the Best Digger and Blocker Awards.

President John Griffith and 1st Vice President Kenmore Bynoe attend the FIVB World Congress in Porto, Portugal.

Shari Matthews, Rhe-Ann Niles, Akeisha Belgrave and Sharleen Browne gain US Scholarships.

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