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These rules and regulations once approved by the Barbados Volleyball Association, shall be the rules and regulations that shall govern competitions played under the auspices of the Barbados Volleyball Association. In cases not covered, the North-Central American and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation (CON. NORCECA) and the Federation of Internationale De Volleyball (FIVB) regulations will prevail. 

Sanctions may be imposed on affiliated clubs, teams, players and officials of the BVA should they not comply with the requirements and provisions of the BVA Constitution, Regulations and other legal instruments. These sanctions are:

  • simple admonition;
  • solemn admonition;
  • warning;
  • fine;
  • disqualification of players and coaches for one or more competitions or matches in official competitions or in any competition recognized by the BVA. In case of matches, the loss of match results is the immediate consequence;
  • discharge from positions held in the case of officials;
  • suspension; and
  • expulsion from the BVA.

A simple admonition consists of a formal declaration of reproof. It may be imposed on all BVA members. 

A solemn admonition consists of an official declaration of blame. It may be imposed on all BVA members.

1.1.3    WARNING
A warning consists of an official declaration of censure, with the express intimation that if further infractions are committed the next sanction will be more severe. It may be imposed on all BVA members. 

1.1.4     FINE
A fine consists of payment to the BVA of a variable sum up to a maximum of $ 5000.00. 

Disqualification of a player or a coach during a match consists of prohibition, for those persons, from participation in one (1) or more competitions or matches. Suspension must be applied immediately following notification as per section of these regulations. 
Lost of match consists in the ratification of the result with a score of 0-3 (0-15,0-15,0-15) for the team being punished. 
Penalization consists of cancellation of one (1) or more points in the standings previously earned by the team being sanctioned in a given tournament.

Discharge from office means losing the position held in any and all of the BVA institutions.

1.1.7.     SUSPENSION 
A suspension consists of prohibition from participation, for a given period of time, in any official activity of the BVA. A suspension may be imposed on all BVA members.

1.1.8     EXPULSION
Expulsion consists of exclusion from the BVA. It may be imposed on all BVA members. 


1.2.1     Dishonesty in competition 
Clubs / teams with their officials and delegates are responsible for any fraudulent action or attitude aimed at altering documents or the performance of participating club / team members and influencing the results of a Volleyball match or competition to the advantage of its own club / team or any third party. 
A club or team declared responsible for such deeds shall be subject to the loss of the match by 0-3 (0-15,0-15,0-15), penalization of one (1) point in the standings and exclusion for one (1) year from all official events organized or recognized by the BVA should the fraud be subsequently repeated. 
Responsible members will be suspended for one (1) year.

The following provisions shall be mandatory for all BVA components during activities and competitions:

a)  Clubs / teams shall be presumed responsible for the use of forbidden substances by their players;
b)  In the event that, as a result of a medical check carried out in accordance with FIVB Medical Regulations for official competitions, the anti-doping test of one player proves positive, this player shall be suspended but the team may pursue the competition. If an award has been presented to the team, the guilty player shall return his / her award. If the loss of the match does not affect the final ranking of the team, the other players may keep their awards. If the anti-doping test of a second player proves positive, the team shall be excluded from the tournament and the club / team shall be sanctioned by exclusion from all official events for one (1) year; 
c)   athletes, managers and coaches proved to be responsible shall be suspended for a period of not less than six (6) months. 
d)   refusal of athletes to submit to anti-doping checks shall be considered as equivalent to a positive result.


    Clubs / teams that use foreign players without the necessary authorization called for by the rules for transfer between clubs/teams shall be sanctioned with a fine of BDS $200.00 - for each player illegally used. 
    The responsible club / team and player shall be punished with a suspension of not less than one (1) year.


    A team declared forfeit because it did not start the match within (15) minutes of the scheduled time shall receive a fine of BDS $25.00 - and be responsible for the damages caused to the BVA. 

    The team who is at fault loses the match 0-3 (0-15,0-15,0-15) and for that match it will be given zero point. If a similar infraction occurs more than twice, the team will be eliminated from the competition and the previous results will not be considered valid. 
    Delayed transmittal of a team players' entry list and documents with required information shall receive a fine BDS $25.00.


    During any given competition, the following shall apply: 
    a)   all team members must conduct themselves in accordance with the provisions of the BVA Constitution and the principles guiding it; and 
    b)   whoever, in the course of a competition or sports event, before, during or after the playing of a match, violates this provision shall be sanctioned as follows:
    • for protesting, incorrect attitude or behaviour, by simple admonition;
    • for offensive, menacing and seriously offensive conduct, by suspension for one (1) or more matches; with the possibility of additional sanctions, depending on the seriousness of the case, to be imposed by the competent body and
    • for violent conduct by suspension for the duration of the competition, with the possibility of additional sanctions, depending on the seriousness of the case, to be imposed by the competent body.
    Clubs / teams shall be considered responsible for offensive and intemperate conduct on the part of their fans. 
    If accidents and suspensions are caused during a match due to the incorrect conduct on the part of fans, the club / team shall be fined BDS $300.00 to BDS $3000.00 - depending on the case. 
    In the hypothesis that such accidents have irremediably compromised the regular playing of the match, the team held responsible for the public's conduct shall be sanctioned by the loss of the match by 0-3 (0-15, 0-15, 0-15) and no point for the match lost will be granted.


    Referees, scorekeepers and lines-persons who carry out their jobs dishonestly in the course of a competition or official or BVA recognized events shall be excluded from their jobs and shall be subject to an additional suspension of one (1) year. 
    In a case of proven corruption, the referee and all those who have participated in the illegal activity shall be expelled from the BVA.


    Non-observance of the obligations to obtain authorization for the organization of competitions 
    • a) Clubs / teams have the obligation to obtain from the BVA authorization to hold events and tournaments between clubs / teams that have not been directly attributed by the BVA. 
      b) Failure previously to obtain authorization and still organize the event or tournament involves a fine of BDS $2000.00 - for the club / team at fault and one (1) year suspension of participants (managers, coaches, players and referees). 
      c) The fine shall be increase if a suspended club / team or player has taken part in the competition.
    Non-observance of sanctions 
    • a) Non-observance of non-monetary sanctions imposed by the jurisdictional bodies shall be penalized according to Section 1.1 of these Regulations, including expulsion. 
      b) Fines must be paid no later than two (2) weeks after notification to the Treasurer or duly authorized person to collect such fines. 
      c) Delayed payment shall involve an increase of fifty (50%) and prohibition from participating in competitions organized or authorized by the BVA until the fine has been paid.

  • Non-observance of the obligations by teams and players not to play against non-authorized teams or players (without endorsement)
  • Failure to comply with the requirements of Article 7 of the Constitution shall lead to disqualification and suspension of the club / team or officials involved.

  • Unauthorized participation in competitions shall be sanctioned by disqualification and suspension of the institutions or officials concerned.     Failure to participate in competitions

  • a) The clubs / teams have the obligation to register for all competitions organized by the BVA in which they have obtained the right to participate. 
    b) Failure to register involves automatic exclusion of the clubs / teams from the immediately subsequent competition. 
    c) In the event that failure to register causes damage to the BVA, clubs / teams shall be liable to an additional fine of up to BDS $ 400.00. 
    d) Withdrawal, from any competition, during the course of the competition or no show at the beginning of the competition shall be punished by: 
    • a fine of up to BDS $ 2000.00;
    • suspension from all official BVA events for one year; and
    • obligation to reimburse the BVA for the expenses borne on behalf of the withdrawing club / team plus damages for loss of income and financial consequences.


The sanctions specifically provided for in this document may be imposed by the Executive Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, Competition Regulations and other Regulations established by the Executive Committee from time to time. 

Any expulsion of a club / team, player or official from the BVA must be approved by an unanimous vote of the Executive Committee members present. 

Automatic (direct) Sanctions 

The sanctions specifically provided for specific violations of the Constitution or these Regulations are final. However, appeal can be made to the Executive Committee on the legitimacy of such sanctions. 

Sanctions Imposed by Control Committee
Sanctions imposed by a Control Committee are final as far as the duration of the competition to which they apply is concerned.
However, the sanctions imposed under Article above can be subject to revision by the Executive Committee if the impositions of such sanctions extend beyond the duration of the competition to which they apply.
The Control Committee officiating during BVA sports events is competent to impose sanctions set forth under section 1.3.2 of these regulations, providing that such sanctions be applied with direct reference to the sports event for which the Control Committee has been appointed. In the case of serious infractions, the Control Committee may request the Executive Committee to impose heavier sanctions.
The Control Committee of official competitions organized or recognized by the BVA has the responsibility of applying, in the manner and within the limits set forth by the Constitution and these Regulations, the following sanctions:
The sanctions for which the Control Committee is competent may not exceed the length of the sporting event for which the Control Committee has been appointed. Nevertheless, in the case of serious infractions, the Control Committee may propose to the Disciplinary Committee or the Executive Committee the application of additional sanctions.

    • a) Against clubs / teams:
      • simple or solemn admonition;
      • warning;
      • lost of match by 0-2, 0-3;
      • penalization in standings; and exclusion from the competition.

      b) Against managers, physicians, trainers, coaches, players and referees:
      • simple or solemn admonition;
      • warning
      • disqualification for one or more matches (against players and coaches); and
      • suspension from the entire competition.
    The Control Committee must transmit to the relevant competent bodies of the BVA a detailed report on the facts, to which must be attached the official documents and all the evidence necessary for an in-depth evaluation of what has taken place and consequent actions.
    During competitions that take place on more than one (1) court or venue, the competence indicated under Article of these Regulations falls, in the first instance, to the Control Committee delegate, who hears the opinions. In the event indicated above in this Article, appeal to the Control Committee in second and instance is permitted against the decision of the Control Committee delegate.
    To this end, the team involved shall deliver a written statement containing its own deductions to the Jury delegate who must then immediately transmit such statement to the president of the Control Committee.
    The Control Committee shall make a decision on the appeal within the following twenty-four (24) hours.
    The disciplinary sanctions called for under Article of these Regulations can be imposed solely by the Control Committee.

1.3.3    The Competition Jury
The Competition Jury (see Section 11 of the Competition Regulations) has exclusive competence for ratifying the matches and drawing up the standings for sports competitions in which more than one (1) team participates. 

1.3.3    The Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee may impose the sanctions for in Section 1.1.
    The following sanctions imposed by the Executive Committee may be subject to appeal to the Congress: 
    • a) fines exceeding BDS $1000.00; and 
      b) suspension exceeding six (6) months.
    The Executive Committee may revise sanctions imposed by a Control Committee if the impositions of such sanctions extend beyond the duration of the competition to which they apply.
    Such revision by the Executive Committee of sanctions imposed by a Control Committee may be subject of an appeal to the Congress.


  • 1.4.1     Initiation of the procedure 
    Procedures of discipline shall be initiated directly by the competent jurisdictional bodies on the basis of:
    • a) information inferable from the match report and from the reports of the referees and Control Committee delegates;
      b) indications given by those BVA sub-committees which are competent to oversee the various categories of members; and
      c) indications given by members of the Executive Committee, the clubs / teams, players and the relevant BVA institutions.

    1.4.2     Publication and notification of a decision
    When rendering their decisions, the jurisdictional body: 
    • a) shall not suspend or delay their decision merely on the basis of notice received that a defense statement is forthcoming; and 
      b) shall communicate the sanctions imposed during a competition in writing to the head of the team involved. 
    Those persons subjected to procedures of discipline may send to the judging body, prior to its meeting, statements setting forth their defense.     

    At a meeting called for such specific purpose or at their first subsequent meeting, the jurisdictional bodies shall evaluate the evidence and make their decision. 

    Sanctions shall become executive after notification to the party involved.
    With the exception of simple admonitions, all other sanctions shall be communicated to all members.

1.4.3    General application
All of the above established Regulations apply without distinction, in accordance with each case, to any discipline (Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, etc.) under BVA authority, except when otherwise provided.

These regulations were entered into force on the twenty-fourth day of January 1998.

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